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Are LED Lights Worth The Investment?

What if someone tells you that they have a product that will help slash as much as 20% off your monthly electric bill, would you believe them? Perhaps you would not. It seems too impossible to have a product that will be able to help you save on electric costs, considering that everything else in your environment are sold at higher prices. If you want to save on electricity, the best thing to do is not to use it. But that is not an option for you.

“ In truth, if you want to save on monthly electricity costs, changing the light bulbs will be the first thing that you would have to consider.”

SustainErgy Group

What if you could save up as much as 20% on your monthly bills but you will be required to change all the light bulbs that you use in the house? LED light bulbs only use a fraction of the energy that regular light bulbs use, but they can be very expensive to buy at the moment since it is still considered new technology.

A light bulb that will cost roughly $25 each is expensive right? Seeing the price tag on each one might make you even more reluctant to make the switch. Perhaps the only question left to ask yourself is whether these LED light bulbs are worthy of their cost. What should you consider before you decide to buy these bulbs?

First, consider buying LED light bulbs to replace the lights in the house that everybody uses. Maybe those in the kitchen and in the bathroom should be replaced first. When you see even the slightest change in your electric bill due to the change you made in the light bulbs in the common area in the house, then you should absolutely consider replacing each bulb in the house with LED.

Second, the length of your stay in that house should be put into consideration too. Because LED delivers longevity in its use; thus, if you don’t plan to stay long in that house, it might not be a good investment to buy LED bulbs. But if you are already staying in your permanent home, then there’s no reason for you not to invest in LED lights. After all, it can save you much because you’ll be able to use it for a good ten years or so.

How often you use the lights in the house should not be an issue when you decide to replace them with LED. After all, each time you decide to turn on the lights, you are only spelling savings on your end for a long period of time.

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