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Dim Light: How Does It Affect Your Reading?

Your daughter loves to read her books before going to bed in dim lights. She said it helps her fall asleep. But will reading under dim lights damage her eyes? You must have asked the people around you about this and they all have the same answer – Yes, it will damage...

Reading Under LED Lights: How Does It Benefit You?

You are looking at changing the light bulb in your home into LED. However, you’re not quite sure if the light bulbs are worth the investment. When you saw how much each bulb was sold for, you were a bit taken aback by the cost. That’s why you had second thoughts about...

Impact Of Indoor Lighting On Children’s Learning

Have you ever wondered if the lighting in your house affects the way your children learn? Although you have carefully considered the amount of light they’ll be getting whenever they are at a particular place in the house, you haven’t really thought of the impact of...

LED Lights At Home: What Are Its Effects On The Kids?

Are you considering having the lights in the house changed into LED bulbs? You must have heard a lot of people speak of how much savings they’re getting every month from the use of LED light technology. Some family friends even told you how much it has made their home...

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