Gas Station LED Lighting

Create a clean, uniform type of light


One of the biggest and best ways to help your gas station go green is to start with the lighting.

Lighting a station 24/7 reduces operational costs and maintenance tremendously. Get a solution that is as simple as flipping a switch.

A well lit LED system will help provide a clean uniform type of light which like retail stores studies have shown help attract more business, lends to a sense of safety and keeps more of your money in the business rather than paying very large power bills.

LED Lighting Benefits

Reduced Maintenance Cost

LED are rated for a performance of up to 100,000 hours. Most fluorescent, incandescent, HPS and others have to be replaced a minimum of 4-15 times during the lifetime of the LED.

Lumen Level Maintenance

Each type of light during its lifetime drops the lumen output. The biggest drops in lumen value are incandescent which can drop upto 30% in the first 1000 hours. Meaning you get 30% less.

Cold Temperature Operation

WIth a low temperature there is much more voltage required to start a light as well as the intensity of the light decreases. The bonus of LED Lighting is that there is actually a performance .

Instant On Demand Lumens

Unlike incandescent and fluorescent which can require from 2-3 minutes to 15 minutes to warm up and reach their maximum lumen levels, an LED turns on instantly providing 100% .

Energy Efficiency

Whether you currently use fluorescent, incandescent halogen etc… LED lighting will cut your bill in half immediately. There are other factors to energy savings explained .

Lighting Design Efficiency

It’s not only the energy consumption that saves you money on the power bill it is also the efficient design of led that can be pointed in exactly the direction needed. For example a fluorescent .


Most traditional light bulbs are made from glass. LED lights are mainly composed of a circuit board with LED diodes covered in a metal or heavy duty plastic to protect it.

UV Emission Free

Over the last few years the reason business has been slowing down for most tanning salons is due to the fact that UV rays may cause burns and skin cancer. This of course .

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