Commercial Solar

Year-round energy savings for your business


Commercial Solar PV systems are typically rooftop installations which are tied to the electrical grid. These systems are designed to produce all the electricity you need for a year.

How is this possible?

In Alberta most of our solar energy will be produced during the summer due to the longer daylight hours that we enjoy. During the winter your system will continue to produce energy, but not as much due to the shorter days and any snow cover on your panels. While the panels will generate energy with snow on them, it is not at the same rate as it would be if they were cleared.

Due to this your system will generate excess energy during the summer which will be credited to your account with your energy provider. Any month that you use more energy than you produce (ie: during the winter), you will use the accumulated credits. At least once per year your energy provider must settle any outstanding credits via a payment to you at the rate per kW that they charge to their consumers.

If you would like more detailed information on summer vs winter solar performance check out the Alberta Solar Performance Data that is collected by NAIT by clicking here.

Installing a Solar PV system for your business shows your commitment to the environment and will lower your Greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in lower operating costs as you lock in your electricity rates for the life of your system and avoid any future rate hikes.

Total installed cost of the system / total energy produced over the life of the system = your rate/kW

How do you know how much your system will produce in its lifetime?

Each system will be designed with an expected output per year, though this may vary slightly due to weather conditions and other factors year-to-year.

Commercial Solar PV systems are eligible for tax incentives from the federal government through an accelerated capital cost allowance. For more information on this incentive, please refer to the Canmet Energy Technical Guide to Class 43.1 and 43.2 and Technical Guide to Canadian Renewable and Conservation Expenses (CRCE).

What We Offer

We will do an energy audit of your business to determine your energy needs. Based on our findings and in consultation with you, we will design a system to provide for your energy needs. We will apply for the necessary permits and schedule the inspections at the end of the installation process. will need to contact your energy distributor for the installation of a bi-directional meter to measure the incoming and outgoing energy.

Our systems are installed by Journeyman Electricians who have completed the program ensuring that all work done meets or exceeds the current electrical codes.

Once your system is in place, we will monitor it to ensure that it is producing the expected amount of energy based on weather conditions and historical data. If there is an unexpected decrease in production the automated system will alert us, and we will contact you to setup an appointment for inspection and maintenance.

As a part of our service for our customers we will take care of all the required permits and inspections associated with getting your system up and running. We will also apply for the Alberta Government Residential and Commercial Solar Program Rebate if you qualify. There are other programs also available for Farms, Municipalities, and Indigenous Communities as well as tax incentives for businesses. Click here for information on these programs.

We offer a full 15-year warranty on all parts used in the system including labour to correct any issues should they arise.

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