Off-Grid Solar

Year-round energy savings


Off-grid Solar PV Systems store excess energy produced in battery systems as opposed to exporting it into the grid system. This will cost a little more upfront as there are more components but depending on your circumstances could result in substantial savings compared to bringing in the connection to the grid. They are also used when grid connections are not feasible due to the need to be mobile.

Examples of Off-Grid Energy Production Uses
  • New farms/acreages/cabins where there is no grid access
  • Remote camps
  • Signage/Flood lights
  • Oil and Gas Wells
  • Recreational campers
How It Works

Solar energy is captured by the PV panels and converted from direct current to alternating current in an inverter. The energy is then stored in a battery system which is connected to your electrical panel for distribution in a building, or directly to your device (sign, lights, wells, etc). In order to control the current to prevent overloads and fluctuations there will be a charge controller installed. Monitoring equipment will be required to ensure that they system is working as expected and to provide information when something goes wrong.

Batteries, Maintenance, Backup Systems

The batteries used in off-grid systems must be stored in appropriate containers to prevent damage from other objects falling on them, to maintain a cool storage temperature and venting of, and easy access to the batteries.

What We Offer

We will work with you to determine your energy needs and design a system that will work best in your circumstances. We will recommend the best fit of products including panels, batteries, monitoring systems, inverters, charge controllers and backup systems if required.

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