Are you a small business owner looking for ways to improve your current retail store ambience? The type of lighting that you need depends a lot on the type of industry you are in. The products that you sell as well as the message you intend to send to your chosen clientele will help you decide how to position the lights in your retail store.

However, apart from the mood lighting techniques that you can apply, there are basic types of retail store lighting that you have to consider. To ensure that you will get the intended results, it is important to choose the best type of light bulbs available in the market today. You need something that is energy-efficient, environment-friendly and something that could promise longevity. There is no light bulb that could deliver all three qualifications and more than LED light technology.

What areas in the retail store need LED lighting?

  • General Lighting – General Lighting also called ambient lighting refers to the main lighting of the store. These are the lights that make sure that your customers feel at ease because the store does not feel dark and gloomy. You must have enough general lighting to help your customers move and find their way around the store.
  • Task Lighting – This is the type of lighting that you put in areas of the store that needs more focused lighting than the others. It is intended for specific areas in the store that requires more lighting so that the people can perform certain tasks. Moreover, such type of lighting is best when LED light technology is sued because it will enhance performance and efficiency of the people while doing their jobs.
  • Accent Lighting – Accent lighting will make your products pop. When accent lighting is added to a certain area of the retail store, is exudes a certain kind of importance that will make a particular product stand out. This type of lighting may be used for new products on display or that ones that are on sale.
  • Decorative Lighting – This type of lighting solely functions for the purpose of adding beauty to the store. Decorative lighting also makes an area look more sophisticated than the others allowing certain areas in your retail store to get more attention. This type of lighting fixtures includes chandeliers, intricate wall fixtures and custom design fixtures.

Imagine you installed LED lights on the following areas of your retail store. What would be its effect?